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Two New FDA-Cleared Tinnitus Treatments – Associated Audiologists

Tinnitus Treatments in Kansas City

Tinnitus, a persistent and annoying ringing sensation in the ears, is one of the most common, yet frustrating audiological conditions many patients face. In fact, according to the American Tinnitus Association, as many as 2 to 3 million people cannot function "normally" on a day-to-day basis due to their tinnitus.

Associated Audiologists Can Diagnose and Manage Your Tinnitus

At Associated Audiologists, we have a comprehensive Tinnitus/Sound Sensitivity Program to assist in diagnosing and managing care for individuals who have tinnitus. The program's services are provided by Susan Smittkamp, Au.D., Ph.D., FAAA, tinnitus specialist. Dr. Smittkamp uses the most sophisticated technology available in the greater Kansas City area to diagnose and manage these patients' disorders.

For some patients with tinnitus, hearing aids can provide a good solution, but for the most complex cases, more sophisticated management may be necessary. Associated Audiologists is the exclusive provider of two of the newest FDA-cleared  tools for tinnitus management.

Desyncra™ for Tinnitus

Desyncra is a targeted, neuroscience-based therapy designed to desynchronize pathological neuronal activity in tinnitus neuronal networks. This noninvasive therapy is tailored to the patient's unique tinnitus profile. The therapeutic stimulus is delivered over a 36-week treatment period, using proprietary earphones and software on an Apple platform. The stimulus is non-disruptive, so it is convenient to use while engaging in normal activities of daily living. Typically, patients notice reduction in tinnitus loudness and annoyance within a few weeks of starting therapy with benefits lasting beyond the therapy period.

The Levo System from Otoharmonics

The Levo system is a personalized, neuroscience-based sound therapy that is designed for use during sleep, when the brain is especially responsive to habituation. The patient's unique tinnitus sound print is identified and delivered over the treatment period, using custom-fit earbuds and proprietary software on an Apple platform. Used nightly for 90 days and as needed thereafter, patients gradually habituate to their tinnitus.

Other Tinnitus Treatments

Associated Audiologists also offers the Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment, which uses modified music to reduce tinnitus awareness and disturbance, and facilitate habituation.

Our tinnitus treatment specialist, Dr. Smittkamp, also treats patients with hyperacusis, a disorder of loudness perception, and misophonia, the dislike of specific sounds. Both of these conditions may be caused by a dysfunction of the central auditory system in the brain.

To learn more about tinnitus, download our free e-book.

Link:Two New FDA-Cleared Tinnitus Treatments – Associated Audiologists

Source from the China listed hearing aids factory and supplier: Hearing Aids Lastest News.


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